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DAY 1: Wednesday, 4 November, 2015

10:00 – 11:00

Keynote Talk 1: Room A

Noninvasive Technique for Measuring Brain Activity and Its Application to Human-Machine Interfaces Design for Improving Quality of Life

Keiichi Watanuki

(Saitama University, Japan)

11:00 – 12:00

Keynote Talk 2: Room A

Molecular Geometry: A New Challenge and Opportunity for Geometers

Deok-Soo Kim
(Hanyang University, Korea)

13:30 – 14:50

Session GVM 1: Room A
Graphics, VR and Multimedia 1 (Chair: Prof. Lizhuang Ma, Prof. Jae Yoel Lee)

No. 12
Parsing Main Structures of Indoor Scenes from Single RGB-D Image Hui Xu, Yuanfeng Zhou, Xiao Pan and Caiming Zhang
No. 22
Contents-based Thumbnailing for Short Video Kazuki Yuasa and Nobuyuki Umezu
No. 24
Accelerating Thumbnail Generation from JPEG Images Tatsuya Nakayari and Nobuyuki Umezu
No. 51
Pretreatment of CT Data for High Accuracy Medical Image Reconstruction Jing Chi, Shanshan Gao, Xiaohong Shen and Caiming Zhang

Session DO 1: Room B
Design Optimization 1 (Chair: Prof. Tsuyoshi Koga, Prof. Akihiro Takezawa)

No. 49
Lot Size Dependence for Energy Consumption per Unit of Production Throughput Considering Breakdown States in Manufacturing Line Takayuki Kobayashi, Makoto Yamaguchi and Hironori Hibino
No. 73
Simulation for farm field in agriculture manufacturing system considering growth period and harvest Hironori Hibino and Naoki Kubo
No. 78
Design Optimization via Interrelation between UGS Operational Capability and its Effectiveness using Anylogic Simulation Model Jaeyeong Lee and Jongman Kim
No. 76
Topology optimization for turbulent flow Gil Ho Yoon

Session CDM 1: Room C
Computational Design Methodology 1 (Chair: Prof. Hideki Aoyama, Prof. Kang Park)

No. 19
CAD model simplification using feature simplifications Yeoun Yoon and Byung Chul Kim
No. 27
Shape Simplification Algorithm of Front Grille Part CAD Model Masatomo Inui, Nobuyuki Umezu and Masahiko Tadaki
No. 54
Sketch-based 3D Modeling by Aligning the Outlines of an Image Chunxiao Li, Hyowon Lee and Dongliang Zhang
No. 88
Modeling Inner Shape of Dental Prosthesis Considering Milling Tool Diameter Jeonghun Lim, Jusung Lee and Kunwoo Lee

15:10 – 16:30

Session GVM 2: Room A
Graphics, VR and Multimedia 2 (Chair: Prof. Nobuyuki Umezu, Prof. Jing Chi)

No. 48
A Fast Approximation of Distance Regularized Level Set Method for Medical Image Segmentation Haiping Yu, Fazhi He and Yiteng Pan
No. 77
Weakly-supervised Classification of Pulmonary Nodules based on Shape Characters Hui Liu
No. 82
Facial Beautification Algorithm Based on Skin Texture Composition and Age Evolution Rule Ruoqi Sun, Yinglan Ma, Huidi Fang and Lizhuang Ma

Session DO 2: Room B
Design Optimization 2 (Chair: Prof. Gil Ho Yoon, Prof. Tsuyoshi Koga)

No. 83
Planer negative thermal expansion composite by multi-material topology optimization and 3D printing Akihiro Takezawa, Makoto Kobashi and Mitsuru Kitamura
No. 87
Multi-material topology optimization for vibration reduction. Yohei Nakano, Akihiro Takezawa and Mitsuru Kitamura
No. 100
3D topology optimization for cooling devices Takafumi Nishizu, Akihiro Takezawa and Mitsuru Kitamura
No. 104
Multidisciplinary topology optimization method for vibration-proof design of in-vehicle reactor. Ryo Ohnishi, Shintaro Yamasaki, Atsushi Kawamoto, Akira Saito, Masakatsu Kuroishi and Kikuo Fujita

Session CDM 2: Room C
Computational Design Methodology 2
(Chair: Prof. Yoshiki Shimomura, Prof. Dongliang Zhang)

No. 7
Development of Digital Design System for Pottery Crack Patterns Kaoru Shimizu and Hideki Aoyama
No. 85
Parametric Study Focused on the Edge Effect in VIG based on Numerical Analysis Wookjin Lee and Seong Wook Cho
No. 99
Accurate Calculation of the Penetration Depth by High Velocity Impact using ANSYS Eunsu Jang and Kang Park
No. 103
Study on Performances of Three Numerical Analysis Methods for Solutions of a System of Differential Equations Hwan Il Kang and Hyun Soo Kim

16:50 – 18:30

Session GVM 3: Room A
Graphics, VR and Multimedia 3 (Chair: Prof. Jae Yoel Lee, Prof. Lizhuang Ma)

No. 18
Laplace Operator based Multi-Channel Image Filters Learning Xiuping Liu, Meng Liu, Yantao Liu, Jingang Sun and Bin Liu
No. 23
Extracting Object Position Characteristics from Images on the Web Eiji Kaneko and Nobuyuki Umezu
No. 25
Computer-Aided Coloring of Monochrome Images Yuka Kanahama and Nobuyuki Umezu
No. 58
A novel saliency detection algorithm based on superpixels and stereo disparity Shanshan Gao and Jing Chi

Session DO 3: Room B
Design Optimization 3 (Chair: Prof. Akihiro Takezawa, Prof. Shintaro Yamasaki)

No. 35
Development of Automatic Device Design System considering Heat Transfer Mechanism applied to Heat Sink Design Kweon-Woo Moon, Jiaqi Lu and Soo-Hong Lee
No. 41
Design for Damping Force Control Valve by Proposing Folding Magnetic Flux Method Tsubasa Sasaki and Tsuyoshi Koga
No. 46
Multi-objective Optimization of Turning Process for Hardened Material based on Hybrid Approach Hong-Seok Park and Trung-Thanh Nguyen
No. 84
Study of Laser Treated Micro/Nano-Composite Coated Thrust Bearing Musaddiq Al-Ali
No. 105
Cryogenic Cooling with Combination of Minimum Quantity Lubrication during High Speed Milling of Compacted Graphite Iron Mohd Azlan Bin Suhaimi, Kyung-Hee Park, Gi-Dong Yang and Dong-Won Kim

Session CDM 3: Room C
Computational Design Methodology 3
(Chair: Dr. Hitoshi Komoto, Prof. Soo-Hong Lee)

No. 1
A Method for PSS Business Model Design Based on Life Cycle Cost Assessment Koji Kimita, Yutaro Nemoto and Yoshiki Shimomura
No. 4
A Framework for Customer Goal Modelling Considering Value-in-Context Yuichi Noto, Keita Muto, Yutaro Nemoto, Keita Sato and Yoshiki Shimomura
No. 37
Visualizing Color Term Differences based on Images on the Web Nobuyuki Umezu and Eriho Takahashi
No. 97
Design of Integrated Simulation Testbed for the Cognitive Engineering of UGV Sang Yeong Choi and Ji Hyun Yang

DAY 2: Thursday, 5 November, 2015

9:30 – 10:30

Keynote Talk 3: Room A

On Biological Forms for Internal Supporting Structure for 3D Printing

Changhe Tu
(Shandong University, China)

10:40 – 12:00

Session GVM 4: Room A
Graphics, VR and Multimedia 4 (Chair: Prof. Tetsuro Ogi, Prof. Nobuyuki Umezu)

No. 31
Natural and Intuitive Interactions with Virtual Objects in a Handheld Augmented Reality Environment Minseok Kim and Jae Yeol Lee
No. 64
A Virtual Five String Piano on Fingers Beixin Hu, Yingshu Chen and Zhangye Wang
No. 94
The remote surrounding monitoring system using a panorama view Jinkyeong Chung and Kang Park

Session GC 1: Room B
Geometric Computing and CAD 1: Curve and Surface
(Chair: Prof. Kenjiro Miura, Prof. Caiming Zhang)

No. 29
Degree elevation from Bézier curve to C-Bézier curve with corner cutting for Wanqiang Shen and Guozhao Wang
No. 9
Construction Method of High-quality Aesthetic Surface Based on Fairing Highlight Lines Tatsuhiro Hokaike and Hideki Aoyama
No. 50
Convexity preserving rational interpolating spline surfaces Yunfeng Zhang, Fangxun Bao, Jing Chi, Shanshan Gao and Caiming Zhang
No. 5
Generation of the Log-aesthetic Curve and Surface with Variational Principle Sho Suzuki, Shin Usuki, Kenjiro Miura and Gobithaasan R.U.

Session CDM 4: Room C
Computational Design Methodology 4 (Chair: Prof. Koji Kimita, Prof. Hae-Jin Choi)

No. 20
A research about surgical workflow manager with the generic surgical process model to manage surgical information and environment Hyun-Tae Hwang, Woong Yang, Kweon Woo Moon, Soo-Hong Lee, Myon Woong Park, Young Tae Sohn, Jae Kwan Kim and Dahee Chung
No. 26
Development of Web-based Collaborative Framework for the Simulation of Embedded Systems Woong Yang, Hyun Tae Hwang and Soo Hong Lee
No. 65
Recoding the evolution of design parameter network in design processes for collaborative design Shinsuke Kondoh and Hithoshi Komoto
No. 66
A survey of approaches to design and diagnosis of complex engineered systems by means of system simulation and qualitative modeling Hitoshi Komoto, Shinsuke Kondo and Keijiro Masui

13:30 – 14:50

Session GVM 5: Room A
Graphics, VR and Multimedia 5 (Chair: Prof. Jing Chi, Prof. Tetsuro Ogi)

No. 44
Multiple Correlative Templates Matching for Real-Time Target Tracking Jun Sun, Fazhi He and Xiao Chen
No. 62
Human Detection and Motion Estimation using Multiple RGBD Sensors in a Connected Environment Bilal Ahmed, Moon Gu Son, Yong Yi Lee and Kwan Heng Lee
No. 101
Parametric Human Body Reconstruction from Depth Image Keli Cheng and Ruofeng Tong

Session GC 2: Room B
Geometric Computing and CAD 2: Mesh
(Chair: Prof. Yutaka Ohtake, Prof. Lizhuang Ma)

No. 47
P2: A Robust and Scale Invariant Shape Descriptor with Applications to Mesh Saliency Xianyong Liu, Lizhuang Ma and Ligang Liu
No. 80
Randomized triangle algorithm for detecting target shapes in 3-D space Seungki Kim, Yuhi Yoshida, Yusuke Imai and Hiroshi Kawaharada
No. 17
Material Separation for X-ray CT Sinogram Using Dual-Energy Imaging Mitsuru Negishi, Yutaka Ohtake, Hiromasa Suzuki and Yukie Nagai

Session CDM 5: Room C
Computational Design Methodology 5
(Chair: Prof. Masatomo Inui, Prof. Byung-Chul Kim)

No. 86
Discrete element modeling of a driving wheel on a dry sand bin Gichan Jang, Soo Jin Lee, Gwanyoung Kim and Kyu-Jin Lee
No. 92
Study on Vertical Displacement, Pitch and Roll Angles for Six-wheeled Passenger Vehicle Hyun Soo Kim and Hwan Il Kang
No. 95
Study on the Vibration Reduction of Cradle of the half-car Jaebok Song and Kang Park
No. 96
Analysis of the tractive ability of an off-road vehicle using the wheel test device Gwanyoung Kim, Minhyeok Kim, Jeseung Moon, Gichan Jang, Yongjae Shin, Kyu-Jin Lee and Soo Jin Lee

15:10 – 16:30

Session EAC 1: Room A
Emerging Applications of CAD 1: Medical & Garment Applications
(Chair: Prof. Fumiki Tanaka, Prof. KwanHeng Lee)

No. 90
Undeformed 3D Bifurcated Blood Vessel Modeling Method using CT, IVUS and X-ray Angiogram Images Jinwon Son, Young Choi and Soo-Won Chae
No. 10
Basic Development of Dental CAD System Based on Occlusion Masahiro Itoh and Hideki Aoyama
No. 8
Basic Method for Simultaneous Measurement of Enamel and Dentin Shapes of Human Teeth Terumi Hayashi and Hideki Aoyama
No. 55
The Design of a Form-changing Female Fitting Robot Zengrong Guo and Dongliang Zhang

Session GC 3: Room B
Geometric Computing and CAD 3: Intelligent Processing
(Chair: Prof. Hiroaki Date, Prof. Yixiang Fang)

No. 40
Surface extraction based on roughness for rapid reverse engineering of castings Akihisa Urata, Hiroaki Date, Satoshi Kanai, Takayuki Gotoh and Seiki Yasuda
No. 102
Development of CAD/CAE Interface in Initial Structural Design Phase of Shipbuilding Myeong-Jo Son and Jeong-Youl Lee
No. 67
Dimensional Measurement of Nuclear Fuel Pellets on High-Energy X-ray CT Images Using Geometric Templates Fitting Kazuma Yamaguchi, Yutaka Ohtake, Hiromasa Suzuki, Yukie Nagai, Akihiro Ishimi and Kozo Katsuyama
No. 57
A Study on Tolerance-driven Method for Recognition and Extraction of Coordinate Measuring Information of Workpiece Yixiang Fang, Jiangyan Jin and Haixia Hu

Session PLM 1: Room C
Product Lifecycle Management 1 (Chair: Prof. Yunfeng Zhang, Prof. Koji Kimita)

No. 42
Toward Nourishing Human-centered Mindset in Service Design Eriko Numata, Shigeru Hosono, Izumi Kohno, Naoko Iwata and Yoshiki Shimomura
No. 21
3D Design Model Visualization Web Framework for Real-time Conference and Decision Making in Collaborative Design Process Jiaqi Lu, Hyun-Tae Hwang and Soo-Hong Lee
No. 74
PLM System Implementation Methodology in Practice Sehyun Myung
No. 98
Equipment Data Management of Korean Nuclear Power Plant based on Standard Handover Specification with Class Mapping Seunghoon Lee, Soonjo Kwon, Donguk Kim, Sujin Byon and Soonhung Han

16:50 – 18:30

Session EAC 2: Room A
Emerging Applications of CAD 2: Web-based and Large-scale CAD
(Chair: Prof. Young Choi, Prof. Dongliang Zhang)

No. 53
Integration of CAD data and as-is data into a bridge information model and a web contents providing system for bridge inspection and maintenance Fumiki Tanaka, Masato Hori and Masahiko Onosato
No. 36
Development of web based framework for knowledge based overflow design Jiwoong Lee and Soo-Hong Lee
No. 69
Reconstruction of Polygonal Prisms from Point-Clouds of Engineering Plants Akisato Chida and Hiroshi Masuda
No. 28
Comparison of 3D CAD models between Aveva Marine and SmartMarine 3D for offshore plants Jaesun Lee, Byung Chul Kim, Hyungki Kim, Sanguk Cheon, Mincheol Cho, Gwang Lee, Duhwan Mun and Soonhung Han
No. 91
Design support system for semi-destructive disassembly using volumetric segmentation Shinichi Fukushige, Yumi Shiraishi and Takashi Michikawa

Session GC 4: Room B
Geometric Computing and CAD 4: Feature
(Chair: Prof. Hiroshi Kawaharada, Prof. Dongliang Zhang)

No. 79
Fast Uniform Sampling with Sharp Features based on Randomized Hough Transform Yuhi Yoshida, Seungki Kim, Yusuke Imai and Hiroshi Kawaharada
No. 70
A Feature-based Preprocessing Technique for 3D Virtual Clothes Fitting Yu Gao, Jituo Li, Dongliang Zhang and Nannan Wu
No. 89
Objective Function of Genetic Algorithm to Evaluate the Importance of Features for the Simplification of Equipment 3D CAD Assembly Data Kaemyoung Park, Woosung Kil, Duhwan Mu and Hyeong Rae Choi

Session PLM 2: Room C
Product Lifecycle Management 2 (Chair: Prof. Se Hyun Myung, Dr. Shigeru Hosono)

No. 33
A Study on the Layered Approach Method of Spatial Arrangement in Shipyard Manufacturing Simulation Dae-Hee Park, Philippe Lee and Yang-Ryul Choi
No. 56
A study on ANN based approach for analyzing the health status of the plant equipment Min-Young Seo, Hong-Bae Jun, Yong-Jae Kim and Jong-Ho Shin
No. 45
Integration of plant 3D design data using ISO 15926 Byung Chul Kim, Sangjin Park, Bongchul Kim, Hans Teijgeler and Duhwan Mun

DAY 3: Friday, 6 November, 2015